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Investing your money by buying a property or land is a trend that is being followed by investors all over the world. Many people look it as a long term investment that enables them to reap benefits in the future. A number of foreigners even don’t shy away from buying property in different countries around the World. Along with an investment purpose, they also see it as their perfect vacation home. This article will focus on a nation named Thailand that has been on a high demand for investing in property recently. Over here we will make a mention of the best places in Thailand that provide an awesome opportunity for you to invest. All you need to do is visit the country and find the best suited Thai property for rent or purchase purposes. In every case, it’s best to consult with qualified property agents to obtain your ideal property to live in. BANGKOK Being the capital city of Thailand, there have been a lot of efforts that have been made by the Thai government to provide a World class infrastructure to it. In recent years, importance has been given to make the public transportation better. This has helped the local people to commute from one place to another. A city has a number of supermarket stores that will offer you food and other items from all over the World. You will be able to see a number of high rise buildings in the city that will offer you a great opportunity to invest any of the condominiums or apartments. PATTAYA Pattaya is a city that has some of the most popular beaches in Thailand. Due to this reason, the city has been a huge demand among the tourists and local people who want to spend their time post retirement in the most convenient way. Pattaya has all the modern amenities that are on par with Bangkok. Come 2018, people who restricted themselves earlier from investing in Pattaya due to its distance from Bangkok, will start seeing this as a wise investment opportunity. A high speed train is going to link the cities together and that will significantly reduce the overall travel time. PHUKET Phuket is amongst the most popular beachside cities in Thailand. Like Pattaya, it has been a popular tourist destination for foreigners in the last two decades. Especially after the improvements that have been made in the infrastructure of Phuket International airport the number of tourist arrivals have gradually increased. This has proved to be quite beneficial for the local economy and has increased the rates of local properties and land. CHIANG MAI Chiang Mai is situated in the mountainous northern Thailand. This is a beautiful city that most of the people would want to build their vacation or retirement homes. When compared with cities like Pattaya and Bangkok, the city is very calm and is not overcrowded. An advantage about Chiang Mai is that the cost of living is rather low. This will allow investors with low budget to purchase a property for themselves at affordable rates. Having mentioned this however, the property prices are increasing at a very rapid pace. So, if you want to buy a home for yourself now is the right time. KOH SAMUI Who doesn’t want to live a tranquil and relaxing life by the beach side? Koh Samui will give you the opportunity to make this dream of yours turn into reality. It is a beautiful island that is surrounded by palm trees and blue waters of the ocean. With fresh air all around this is an irresistible option for investment. All the recreational and medical facilities are available at a very low cost. You will be able to find a number of traditional temples in Koh Samui that act as a perfect blend between the modern as well as the traditional values. Thailand Property well worth the investment Above are some of the cities that you must definitely consider while investing in Thailand property. It is always advisable to choose those places that have a huge potential for growth. All these cities of Thailand are constantly growing in terms of infrastructure and facilities. This has been the reason behind the tremendous amount of interest shown by both the local as well as foreign tourists. On all fronts it is advisable to contact one of our registered and qualified property agents who can take you for a viewing of your desired property choice. Let the agents manage all the strenuous paperwork involved in the process of purchasing at the land department.